Bloodwych HTML!

This is still a WIP but should be pretty playable now. Please leave comments in the forum

Taglione Brother's / Peter James!

I am hopeful that one of the original creators of Bloodwych will see this, I have always loved this game so much and it has inspired me to learn things I would have otherwise never of done and currently we are making good progress on a remake of Bloodwych in HTML

I also have a friend 'Bit' over on the Dungeon Master forums trying to disassemble the PC Version of the game in the hope it will shed some light on the ways parts of the game where written and give us the ability to play the game on the PC once again without programs like DOSBox. I would really be good to get some feedback from the Taglione Brother's or Peter James to confirm they are happy with the work we are doing and do not want us to put a stop to our progress, if you could please send me a email to it would be good to hear from you.

Welcome Back!

Website Update coming soon....

12 Years after the site went up Im Back! The Home of Bloodwych is returning, please bare with me while the site is updated and redesigned. Feel free to email me until the website is complete or you have any requests on what you want on the site


This page should hopefully contain anything you would ever need to know about Bloodwych. Personaly I think Bloodwych is one of the Best Dungeon Crawler games around but give it a try for yourself. If you have any ideas how I can make this page any better or if there is any stuff you want on this page please E-mail me.

Bloodwych Animation